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Grays Harbor Energy Center Site Certification Agreement (SCA)

General Description of Amendment 5 Request:

Grays Harbor Energy LLC (the Certificate Holder) proposed an increase of the Satsop Combustion Turbine (CT) Project's maximum generating capacity by approximately 650 megawatts (MW) to approximately 1,300 MW. As with the existing facility (Phase 1 - Units 1 and 2), the addition would consist of two gas turbines and one steam turbine in a 2-on-1 configuration that would generate electricity to supply growing regional electrical demand. The new facilities are referred to as (Phase 2 - Units 3 and 4)( artist illustration).

The October 30, 2009 Amendment Request No. 5 specifically asked EFSEC to:

Change the name of the project from the Satsop CT Project to the Grays Harbor Energy Center (GHEC).

Allow the addition of two combustion turbine generators and one steam generator (Units 3 and 4) to increase the facility capacity by 650 MW to approximately 1,300 MW.

Enlarge the project site by 10 acres to allow space for construction laydown and access. (The Certificate Holder subsequently modified this portion of the request. The Certificate Holder will temporarily lease land from the Grays Harbor Public Development Authority (PDA) to serve as a construction laydown area.)

Approve a PSD permit for Units 3 and 4 (existing PSD permit would remain in place for Units 1 and 2).

Increase the total maximum water withdrawal from 9.2 cfs to 16 cfs. No new water authorizations are requested. The additional water will be purchased or leased from the PDA, which has an existing water authorization.

Units 3 and 4 will be located entirely within the boundaries of the previously permitted site. Units 3 and 4 will be located on land that has already been disturbed and developed for industrial use. The GHEC will continue to be fueled by natural gas and will continue to utilize the natural gas pipeline installed for the existing facility.

Power produced by the GHEC will continue to be routed through transmission lines and the Satsop substation that are owned by the Bonneville Power Administration.