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Columbia Solar

Project Background

The Columbia Solar Project is an alternative energy proposal by TUUSSO Energy, LLC (TUUSSO). The proposed Columbia Solar Application for Site Certification (ASC) proposes to construct five new photovoltaic (PV) facilities at five site locations in Kittitas County, Washington. Two generation tie lines would also be constructed. Each new PV solar array would be capable of providing up to 5 Megawatts (MW) of solar energy within the Puget Sound Energy (PSE) service area, for a total of 25 MWac of electrical power generation. The five solar arrays and two generation tie lines are to be constructed on 200 of approximately 232 leased acres within Kittitas County. The five solar project sites are named as follows:

  • Camas
  • Fumaria
  • Penstemon
  • Typha
  • Urtica

The Kittitas Valley is one of the sunniest areas of the state, and the array sites are in close proximity to existing PSE electrical infrastructure. The locations selected by the applicant were based on several criteria, including consistency with the Kittitas County zoning code and comprehensive plan, land use efficiencies, placement on previously disturbed farmland to avoid environmentally sensitive areas, and the minimization of new electrical infrastructure by locating close to existing distribution lines.

Tuusso Energy, LLC
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Valley Land Company, LLC
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