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Chehalis Generation Facility

Assigned Site Specialist
Sara Randolph

Certificate Holder: PacifiCorp
1813 Bishop Road
Chehalis, WA 98532
Facility: 520 MW natural gas fired combined cycle power plant
Status: Commercial operation began October 1, 2003.

The Chehalis Generation Facility is a natural gas-fired combined-cycle electric generation facility. The 30 acre project site is located south of Chehalis, Washington, east of Interstate 5 in the Chehalis Industrial Park in Lewis County.

In March 1997, Governor Locke approved the original Site Certification Agreement (license to construct and operate) of the Chehalis Generation Facility. The facility licensed at that time proposed a total generating capacity of 460 MW, with the capability to provide approximately 100,000 lb/hr of steam to a process host.

In March 2001, Governor Locke approved the first amendment to the Site Certification Agreement allowing an increase in generating capacity from 460 MW to 520 MW, a change to a dry cooling system and associated water supply and discharge modifications, and allowing the facility to operate as a "merchant plant". (Council Order No. 753 recommending approval)

Construction began in May 2001 with commercial operations starting in October 2003.

In September 2008, EFSEC (through Order No. 836 and Resolution No. 325 transferred the Site Certification Agreement (Amendment No. 2) to PacifiCorp. The sale of the Chehalis Generating Facility to PacifiCorp was completed on September 15, 2008. On September 22, 2008, EFSEC transferred the Site Certification Agreement to PacifiCorp.

Additional Council orders and resolutions associated with this project are listed on the Orders and Resolutions Page.

Members of the Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council (EFSEC) will meet on Tuesday, September 14, 2021 at 01:30 PM to consider the Chehalis Generating Facility’s request to purchase municipal water during a low flow period of the Chehalis River under Article VI A.7.a. of the Site Certification Agreement. This meeting is open to the public.

To join the meeting please use:

or call:

  • +1 253-372-2181 Conference ID: 715901820#

Orders - Chehalis Generation Facility

Document Title Document Date
Order 671 Finding of Consistency with Lewis County and CIty of Chehalis Land Use Plans 12/19/1994
Order 678 No.1 - Prehearing Conference Order denying Petition for Intervention 05/17/1995
Order 684 No. 2 Prehearing Conference 07/31/1995
Order 688 No. 3 - Granting Motion to Exclude Issues, In Part 08/04/1995
Order 692 No. 4 - Denying Motion to Strike of the CIC and Admitting Public Petition Into Record 12/18/1995
Order 693 No. 5 - Granting Motion to Strike Portions of the Reply Briefs of the Counsel for the Environment and the Dept of Ecology 03/04/1996
Order 698 - Granting Site Certification, on Condition 09/21/1995
Order 742 Motion to Exclude Issues, Schedule, Exhibit & Testimony Lists; Notice of Prehearing Conference, Notice of Hearings, Notice of Hearing to Receive Evidence from Public 05/01/2000
Order No. 696 Denying Reconsideration 05/13/1996
Order No. 702A - Denying Motions for Reconsideration 06/10/1996
Order No. 705 on Remand, Amending Order No 698 12/20/1996
Order No. 706 - Denying Motion for Reconsideration 12/20/1996
Order No. 738 - Granting Intervention, Denying Motion for Postponement of Prehearing Conference, and Limiting Scope of Adjudication 04/03/2000
Order No. 741 - Scheduling, Identifying dates for Issues List Development, Discovery, Deposition and Hearings 04/24/2000
Order No. 745 - Order on Stipulations, EFSEC Pretreatment Authority, CTED's Dispositive Motion 05/26/2000
Order No. 752 - Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law, Amendments Granted, on Condition 12/05/2001
Order No. 753 - Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law, Approval of Amendments, On Condition 02/12/2001
Order No. 836 - Application for Transfer of SCA and Approval of Security for Site Restoration 07/08/2007


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