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Goldeneye BESS

Assigned Site Specialist
Zia Ahmed

Assigned CFE
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Goldfinch Energy Storage, LLC
Stand-alone 200 MW/800 MWh BESS
Skagit County
Under review

Project Milestones

Project background

The Applicant proposes to construct and operate the Project in unincorporated Skagit County, Washington (Figure 1 in Attachment A). The Project is a stand-alone 200 MW/800 MWh BESS (Battery Energy Storage System), with related interconnection and ancillary support infrastructure. The Project is located just outside the eastern edge of Sedro-Woolley, off Minkler Road, within the Skagit Valley, less than 1 mile north of the Skagit River.

The Project is located in unincorporated Skagit County, within the Ag-NRL and RRv zones (County 2023). Current land uses in the Project Area include pasture fields, with a small section of scrub/shrub habitat present near the southeastern tip. A portion of the Project Area also contains four existing structures, which the underlying landowner has agreed to demolish as part of Project construction. Land uses surrounding the project area include rural single-family residences, pastureland, and infrastructure. The Project area is bordered on the north by Minkler Road, and is crossed in a roughly north-south direction by Hansen Creek, and electrical transmission lines that connect to the Sedro-Woolley Substation.

The Applicant is considering various specific lithium-ion battery technologies (see Attachment F for sample equipment specifications). Final technology selection will dictate details of the design layout within the Project Area. The preliminary layout accounts for the Project’s generating capacity; however, the precise equipment and layout have not yet been finalized and the Applicant seeks to permit a range of technology options to preserve design flexibility. Therefore, this ASC analyzes the largest anticipated, worst-case Project Area development footprint.

The proposed facility will provide a service to the regional electric grid by receiving energy (charging) from the PSE electric transmission system, storing energy on site, and then later delivering energy (discharging) back to the point of interconnection. Following construction, the proposed use will not create emissions to air, will not require sanitary facilities, and will not require water except to maintain water-efficient and low-impact landscaping design along the project frontage, and to provide a water source for fire protection.

The Project Area was selected by the Applicant for its favorable site suitability characteristics, including proximity to electrical infrastructure, level terrain and opportunities for efficient construction. The Project will have a number of benefits to the local community and Washington state. Construction of the Project will support up to 50 jobs during peak construction and 2 permanent jobs during operations. The Project will also provide Skagit County with additional tax revenue. In addition, construction of this renewable energy resource will help Washington meet its goal of 100 percent clean electricity supply as set forth in the Clean Energy Transformation Act, passed by the Washington legislature in 2019.

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