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Columbia Generating Station

Assigned Site Specialist

Amy Moon

Certificate Holder: Energy Northwest
P.O. Box 968
Richland, WA 99352-0968
(509) 372-5000
Location: Hanford Nuclear Reservation
Benton County, Washington
Status: Operational with a maximum permitted electrical generation capacity of 1,236 megawatts

The Columbia Generating Station (CGS), formerly known as WNP-2, is an operating nuclear electric generating station located near Richland, Washington, in Benton County. The project is sited on land leased from the United States Department of Energy (DOE) on the Hanford Site. The total area of the project is 1089 acres.

The Washington Public Power Supply System (WPPSS), now Energy Northwest, filed an application with the state in 1971 for the construction and operation of WNP-2. Hearings were held during that year and a Site Certification Agreement (SCA) was approved by the Governor on May 17, 1972. WPPSS also received construction (3/73) and operating (12/83) licenses from the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) for the plant. The NRC's Operating License (OL) expires in 2043.

General Information:

Following initial startup testing, the NRC issued a full power OL in March 1984 and commercial operations commenced in December 1984. The CGS has a net design electrical rating of 1,236 megawatts and the entire output of the plant is dispatched to the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA).

The CGS consists of a General Electric designed boiling water reactor and nuclear steam supply system; a turbine-generator; and the necessary transformer switching and transmission facilities to deliver the plant's output to BPA through a transmission substation located near the plant. The CGS consists of the following structures: the reactor building, the radioactive waste building, the turbine-generator building, the diesel generator building, the service building, six mechanical-draft evaporative cooling towers, the circulating water pumphouse, and the river takeup water pumphouse. The CGS also includes the Plant Engineering Center located adjacent to the main plant, the Plant Support Facility located one mile southwest of the main plant, and various administrative buildings in Richland.


Resolutions - Columbia Generating Station

Document Title Document Date
Resolution 347 Amendment 1 Authorizing Fish Collection for Radiological Environmental Monitoring Program, Subject to Conditions 04/23/2021
Resolution 347 Authorizing Fish Collection for Radiological Environmental Monitoring Program, Subject to Conditions 06/16/2020
Resolution 332 - Amendment 1 03/15/2023
Resolution 332 Revisions to the Radiological Environmental Monitoring Program 02/21/2012
Resolution 326 Columbia Generating Station - Emergency Preparedness Offsite Agency Support 03/10/2009
Resolution 318 Columbia Generating Station Site Certification Agreement Removal of Condition VI.A.1, Project Visitation 11/14/2006
Resolution 311 Columbia Generation Station - Emergency Preparedness Offsite Agency Support 01/11/2005
Resolution 310 Energy Northwest - Columbia Generating Station Termination of Non-Radiological Environmental Monitoring Program 04/19/2004
Resolution 307 Energy Northwest Disposal of Water Stored in WNP-1 and WNP-4 Service Water Ponds 09/08/2003
Resolution 306 Columbia Generating Station Condenser Scale Removal 04/14/2003
Resolution 303 Energy Northwest - Columbia Generating Station Hydrogen Storage and Supply Facility 02/18/2003
Resolution 300 CGS Sanitary Waste Treatment Facility 09/10/2001
Resolution 299 - Amendment 1 03/15/2023
Resolution 299 Columbia Genearating Station Cooling System Sediment Disposal (with cover letter) 08/13/2001
Resolution 296 Hanford Wildlife Mitigation Project Rattlesnake Slope Rehabilitation 11/13/2018
Resolution 295 Energy Northwest Dry Cask Storage Facility 09/11/2000
Resolution 293 Energy Northwest Change of Corporate Name 12/01/1991
Resolution 293 Amendment 1 Energy Northwest Change of Corporate Name Columbia Generating Station Change of Plant Name 09/11/2000
Resolution 288 WNP-2 Landfill Closure and Management, 11/10/1997 11/10/1997
Resolution 287 WNP-2 EP Study -Recommendations 11/10/1997
Resolution 287 Amendment 1 - Accepting WNP-2 EP Study Group Recommendations Report 06/18/2001
Resolution 286 Closure of Notice of Incident and Request for Assurance of Compliance 09/08/1997
Resolution 278 - Authorizes the Onsite Disposal of Cooling Tower Sediments 05/08/1995
Resolution 273 - Increase Power Input 09/12/1994
Resolution 271 - Closes Resolution 268 Water Discharge 08/08/1994
Resolution 260 - Approval of Radiological Environmental Monitoring Program 01/13/1992
Resolution 259 Amendment No.1 - Approval of Operation of Sanitary Waste Treatment Facility 11/14/1994
Resolution 258 Amended - Standby Service Water System 08/10/1992
Resolution 251 - NPDES Condition G35 Fulfilled 06/11/1990
Resolution 249 - Approval of the use of Sodium Bromide as Bio Fouling Agents with Conditions 05/14/1990
Resolution 244 - Adopting Rules Directing Applicants and Certificate Holders to Formulate Plans for Site Restoration, 08/22/1988. 08/22/1988
Resolution 240 - Condition of G2 of the WNP-2 NPDES Permit 12/17/1987
Resolution 230 (Rescinded by Council Motion 4/8/1991) 03/24/1986
Resolution 228 WNP-2 Revised Monitoring Program 01/13/1986
Resolution 225 - CGS Visitor Information Facilities 12/10/1984
Resolution 224 - Contract with L&I to provide electrical inspection services 11/26/1984
Resolution 214 (Amended) - Analyze and present pre-operational aquatic data 11/08/1982
Resolution 209 - Mitigate Fishery Loss during testing of WNP-2 water intake facility 08/09/1982
Resolution 201 (Amended) - Approval of the use of Calgon Corporation water treatment chemicals 01/25/1982
Resolution 186 - Pre-Operational Monitoring Program 11/24/1980
Resolution 157 - WPPSS 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 09/24/1979
Resolution 152 - Granting Relief from Monitoring Program 06/11/1979
Resolution 132 Revised Monitoring Program 01/23/1978
Resolution 122 - Technical Committee Recommendations 06/27/1977
Resolution 2-71 Directing Compliance with the State Environmental Policy Act of 1971 11/22/1971
Resolution 1-71 Informational Hearing Regarding Site Application 10/22/1971


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