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Siting of Small Modular Reactors (SMRs)

The study, directed by the 2015 state Legislature, will identify possible locations in the state where SMRs could be suitably located, identify permits needed for such a facility, and make recommendations on how the siting and permitting process for SMRs could be streamlined.

SMRs are scalable nuclear power plants using reactors that each have gross power output no greater than three hundred megawatts electric, and where each reactor is designed for factory manufacturing and ease of transport, such as by truck, rail, or barge.


The report shall include the following elements:

Identification of possible locations in the state where SMRs could be suitably located

Identification of permits and approvals likely to be needed for such a facility under current state, local, and federal permitting requirements

Identification of studies that would need to be conducted in order to facilitate the siting of SMRs

Recommendations on how the siting and permitting process for SMRs could be streamlined

Recommendations for establishing general or programmatic permits or processes

Consultation with the Washington Military Department (WMD), Washington State Department of Ecology (ECY), and Department of Health (DOH) to get input on their permitting responsibilities as they relate to SMRs

The CONTRACTOR shall, in coordination with EFSEC staff, determine the final scope of this study to consider the extent of external input, including the method of such input, with one or more of the following:

The state agencies listed above

EFSEC staff

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) who would have the final Federal permitting approval for a SMR

Engineering companies developing SMR designs.


Document Titlesort descending Document Date
SMR Final Report 01/08/2016
SMR Press Release 08/25/2015