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Horse Heaven Adjudication

EFSEC's siting process requires hearings on the proposed project to allow the applicant and other qualified interested parties to present expert witness testimony to support their concerns regarding the proposed project. These hearings are required to be conducted as formal "Adjudicative Proceedings".

Adjudication Venue

Pre-Hearing Conferences

The first pre-hearing conference was scheduled  Friday, March 10th, 2023 at 9am. 

March 10, 2023 Horse Heaven Adjudication Pre-Hearing Conference Recording

The second pre-hearing conference was scheduled for Monday, March 20th, 2023 at 1:30pm. 

March 20, 2023 Horse Heaven Adjudication 2nd Pre-Hearing Conference Recording

The third pre-hearing conference has been CANCELED and will be rescheduled at a later date.

Intervention of Parties Potentially Affected by the Proposed Project

Private citizens, Tribal governments, non-governmental organizations, local, state, and federal agencies may petition the EFSEC Council to become intervenors (parties) in the proceedings. The Council grants intervenor participation based on the project's potential or possible impact on those seeking intervention. Intervenors are allowed to participate fully in the legal process, by presenting expert witnesses to the Council, and participating in cross-examination of other party’s witnesses.

Adjudication Correspondence

Public Participation in the Adjudicative Proceedings

Rather than formally petitioning the Council for intervention status, interested members of the public can make their concerns about the project known to the Counsel for the Environment who represents the public and its interest in protecting the quality of the environment during the adjudicative phase of the proceedings. Assistant Attorney General Sarah Reyneveld has been appointed Counsel for the Environment in this case.  Her contact information is:

AAG Sarah Reyneveld
Attorney General’s Office
800 5th Avenue, Suite 2000 (TB/14)
Seattle, WA  98104-3188

During the course of the adjudication, the Council will set a time for public comment in accordance with RCW 80.50.090(4)(a). Any member of the public wishing to speak at this public comment hearing in support of or in opposition to the ASC must file their written comment with the Council by using the comment database button below, email adjudication@efsec.wa.gov, or by mailing to the EFSEC office, raising one or more specific issues no later than January 31, 2023.


On December 15, 2022 the Order Commencing Adjudication was sent out to interested parties.

Comments received:

Comments - Adjudication

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