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BP Cherry Point Cogeneration Project

Draft Environmental Impact Statement

Accompanying Graphics and Figures

To obtain a hard copy of the DEIS, call EFSEC at 360-956-2121 and ask for the BP Cherry Point DEIS. Please use the links below to view the text of the accompanying graphics and figures to the Draft Environmental Impact Statement issued by the Council and the Bonneville Power Administration September 5, 2003.

Draft Environmental Impact Statement


Draft Environmental Impact Statement

List of Figures


For security purposes, some of the maps and related graphics have been removed from the electronic versions of all documents related to Wallula Project on this web site. To obtain printed copies of these omitted items, please write to:

Thomas McKinney
Bonneville Power Administration
905 NE 11th Ave
Portland, OR, 97205

Project Vicinity Map

Figure 1-2: Typical Transmission Tower Designs

Figure 1-3: Cogeneration Facility Infrastructure and Refinery Interconnections

Figure 2-1: Project Elements

Figure 2-2: Project Site and Surrounding Area (11x17)

Figure 2-3: Existing Utility Infrastructure

Figure 2-4: Alternative Cogeneration Site Locations

Figure 3.1-1: Project Site Topography North of Grandview Road (11x17)

Figure 3.1-2: Project Site Topography South of Grandview Road (11x17)

Figure 3.1-3: Geologic Map

Figure 3.1-4: Soil Types

Figure 3.1-5: Seismotectonic Map of Northwest Washington and Southwest British Columbia (11x17)

Figure 3.1-6: Permitted, Active Surface Mines in Whatcom County (11x17)

Figure 3.2-1: Airsheds of Interest within 125 Miles of Project Site (11x17)

Figure 3.3-1: Surface Water Drainage Basin (11x17)

Figure 3.3-2: Project Site Drainage (11x17)

Figure 3.3-3: Estimated Existing Surface and Subsurface Flow near CMA 2 (11x17)

Figure 3.3-4: Floodplains

Figure 3.3-5: Cross Section A-A (11x17)

Figure 3.3-6: Cross Section B-B (11x17)

Figure 3.3-7: Generalized Water Table Surface Elevation and Groundwater Flow (11x17)

Figure 3.3-8: Design Basis for Operational Stormwater Control System (11x17)

Figure 3.3-9: Post-Mitigation Surface and Subsurface Flow near CMA 2 (11x17)

Figure 3.5-1: Delineated and Affected Wetlands (11x17)

Figure 3.5-2: Site Vegetation (11x17)

Figure 3.5-3: Proposed Wetland Mitigation Areas

Figure 3.6-1: Agricultural Protection Overlay (APO) Soils and Protection Areas

Figure 3.7-1: Cogeneration Site and Surrounding Area

Figure 3.9-1: Noise Monitoring Locations

Figure 3.10-1: Zoning

Figure 3.11-1: Visual Resource Viewpoint Locations (11x17)

Figure 3.11-2: Existing and Simulated Views Viewpoint 2 (11x17)

Figure 3.11-3: Existing and Simulated Views Viewpoint 3 (11x17)

Figure 3.11-4: Existing and Simulated Views Viewpoint 4 (11x17)

Figure 3.11-5: Existing and Simulated Views Viewpoint 15 (11x17)

Figure 3.15-1: Transportation Network in the Project Vicinity (11x17)

Figure 3.15-2: Existing Roadway Characteristics (11x17)

Figure 3.15-3: Historical Daily Traffic Counts (11x17)

Figure 3.15-4: 2001 Average Daily Traffic Volumes (11x17)

Figure 3.15-5: 2001 Weekday PM Peak-Hour Traffic Volumes (11x17)

Figure 3.15-6: Project-Generated Trips for Peak Construction Conditions (11x17)

Figure 3.15-7: Projected 2004 PM Peak-Hour and Average Weekday Traffic Volumes with Project (11x17)

Figure 3.15-8: Projected 2004 PM Peak-Hour and Average Weekday Traffic Volumes without Project (11x17)

Figure 3.16-1: Typical Electromagnetic Levels for Transmission Lines


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