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Tesoro Refining & Marketing Company LLC, a subsidiary of Tesoro Corporation, and Savage Companies have entered into a joint venture to develop and operate a new 360,000 barrel-per-day(bpd) crude-by-rail uploading and marine loading facility at the Port of Vancouver, Washington. The Tesoro-Savage Joint Venture will own the crude uploading and marine loading facilities and will enter into a land lease agreement with the Port for an initial period of ten years.  Savage will oversee and manage the design, construction and operation of the facility on the Joint Venture's behalf.  The facility is expected to be operational in 2014 and will represent an approximate investment of $75 to $100 million. 

The Facility's principal purpose is to provide North American crude oil to U.S. refineries to offset or replace declining Alaska North Slope crude reserves, California crude production, and more expensive foreign crude-oil imports.  The crude oil handled by and shipped through the facility will largely offset other sources of crude oil used by U.S. refineries that choose to source a portion of their crude through the Facility.  In accordance with current federal law, crude oil extracted in the United States generally cannot be exported to foreign countries.
Applicant:      Tesoro Savage Petroleum Terminal LLC
                          6340 South 3000 East, Suite 600
                          Salt Lake City, UT 84121

Facility:          360,000 barrels of crude oil per day by rail

       Within the Port of Vancouver, Washington
site location map

Records:       Application
                         Scoping Comments
                         Public Comments
                         Land Use

Recent Activity

Letter from EFSEC to EarthJustice in Respose to the Unredacted Lease Provision

   8-28-2015   Letter from the Applicant to EFSEC in Response to the EarthJustice Letter regarding the Unredacted Lease Provision

   8-18-2015   Letter from EarthJustice regarding the Unredacted Lease Provision

Letter from the Port of Vancouver Regarding the DEIS Schedule

   7-02-2015   PUBLIC NOTICE -
Application for a Department of the Army Permit and EFSEC Water Quality Certification

Letter to the Applicant in Response to the Letter Recieved on June 24

Letter from the Applicant in Response to the DEIS Comment Period

Letter from the Applicant Regarding the DEIS Schedule

DEIS Schedule

Letter to the Applicant Regarding DEIS Comment Period

   5-28-2015   Letter
from the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers Regarding the Revised Permit Application Evaluation Procedure  

Letter from the League of Women Voters of Washington Regarding the DEIS and Public Comment Period

   4-17-2015   Letter
from the Applicant to the Parties Regarding the Pre-Hearing Conference 

Letter from the Applicant in Response to the DEIS and Public Comment Period

Letter from Organizations, Businesses, and Associations Regarding the DEIS and Public Comment Period

Letter from the City of Vancouver Regarding the DEIS and Public Comment Period

Letter from the Association of Washington Business Regarding the Review Process of the Project  

   4-06-2015   Letter from Senator Ericksen Regarding the Review Process of the Project 

   4-03-2015   Response to
Applicant's Letter Regarding the Timeline for Release of the Draft Environmental Impact Statement

   3-25-2015   Letter from the Applicant
Regarding the Timeline for Release of the Draft Environmental Impact Statement 

Letter to Vancouver Energy with the Council's Decision to Extend the Statutory Deadline 

Request from the Applicant to Extend Statutory Deadline

   1-28-2015   Order Commencing Agency Adjudication and Setting Intervention Petition Deadline

1-28-2015   Response to the Applicant regarding Project Review Schedule

Adjudicative Schedule Request from the Applicant

Request to Delay Commencement of Adjudication - EarthJustice

Request to Delay Commencement of Adjudication - Columbia Waterfront

Letter from the Applicant with Project Schedule Request

12-16-2014  Presentation of
Information Needs and DEIS Development

   8-06-2014   Letter from the Applicant Requesting to Extend the Statutory Deadline.

   Order Determining Land Use Consistency Council Order No. 872

   7-28-2014   A
genda for Special Meeting August 1, 2014 Regarding Land Use Consistency

   5-28-2014   Transcript of
Land Use Consistency Hearing

Notice for the Land Use Consistency Hearing

Scope of Draft Environmental Impact Statement

   2-24-2014   Scoping Report

   1-10-2014   December 11 SEPA Scoping Meeting Spokane Valley, WA

  12-5-2013   Informational Meeting Minutes October 28October 29 SEPA Scoping Meeting

Scoping Comments

Extension of Scoping Comment Period & Additional Scoping Comment Meeting

  Determination of Significance Scoping Notice

 8-29-2013   Application Submitted - Volume 1 & Volume 2

For information or questions concerning this Project please contact:   

Sonia Bumpus, EFS Specialist
Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council 
1300 S Evergreen Park Dr SW
PO Box 43172 
Olympia, WA 98504-3172
(360) 664-1363

To be added to the Tesoro Savage Vancouver Energy Distribution Terminal mailing list, please:

  • contact Kali Wraspir at (360) 664-1365, or

  • e-mail your complete name and postal address to and indicate if you want to receive notices of future permitting activity for this project by e-mail, surface mail, or both methods of delivery.

Important Note: Public comments submitted to the Council via the internet or in writing become public records under the Washington State Public Records Act (RCW 42.17).  Information included in the comment such as the commenter's e-mail and mailing address becomes a public record once it is provided to EFSEC and may be subject to public inspection and copying if not protected by federal or state law. For additional information please see our Privacy Notice.